February 3, 2015

Intricate sand drawing
Intricate sand drawing

These will never lose their wonder for me. I probably have taken dozens of photos, and could take dozens more every day.  There was another new shrub in bloom today, but I’ll save its flower portrait for another time.

Had I not had a different and earlier inspiration for invented calligraphy and glyphs, these would probably have been just as effective as catalysts.  Or maybe I’d be drawing branches/trees all the time?  The very first drawing I made that gave me great pleasure — in both the making and the result — was of birch trees.  Sixth grade.  Laconia, NH.  We sat outside to draw.  It was a charcoal drawing on white textured watercolor paper.  I wish I still had it.  I can convince myself I remember its details.

Funny how I didn’t get the hint.  Or maybe I got it and stubbornly, defiantly ignored it?  I was never praised for artistic talent, or even recognized for it, and not encouraged in any way.  I didn’t have or make opportunities to express or develop it.  I do recall noticing it in others.  I certainly had more appreciation than skill.  Could still use more skill.  More practice.  Some people, though, have the gift of rendering.  The rest of us have to acquire it through lots of perspiration and frustration.  My sister said “Dammit, hands!  Do as I tell you!” regarding learning to play the piano.  I could say the same thing about drawing.  And I also think that there’s a difficulty with my eyes instructing my brain instructing my hands…

The waves don’t have these concerns.

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