February 3, 2016

View from St. Francis Retreat Center
View from St. Francis Retreat Center

I was in northern California for the last two weeks. One glorious week, I was fortunate to be in San Juan Bautista at a quilting retreat with my sister and five other women.  The place is stunningly beautiful; above is the vista from a path I walked each morning before breakfast.

The center occupies 73 acres of rolling hills, which, due to the winter rains, were gorgeously green and velvety.  So different from the terrain in southern California — 400 miles is significant.

It was peaceful and intense at the same time.  I learned a lot — made my first quilt top and also a number of other projects, under my sister’s expert instruction.   It was also exciting to see the skills and talents of the other women there.  Our meals were supplied and we had no chores, which left us 10-11 hours each day to sew.  We took some walks during the day and made excursions to town for coffee, goodies, and sewing supplies.  A productive change of pace!

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  1. What a beautiful, peaceful picture. And how lovely to spend such a special and pleasant time with your sister.

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