February 5, 2015

Gray foggy soft horizon
Gray foggy soft horizon

For me, this sort of day is more magical than a sunny one.   It was even cold enough that on our walk I was wishing for a hat that covered my ears.  But the cold just comes naturally with this steely yet tactile-surfaced water that seems like crinkled aluminum foil.  The sun is almost moon-ishly pale and calm.  The world is getting ready for something.  I hope it is something better.

Thursday, and the campground is filling up.  We play ‘that-would-be-a-good-RV-to-live-in’ and decide that it would be best to have one that you drive rather than tow, and that you could just tow a car.  Then you’d have the best of both worlds — you could ride together in the RV and still have the independence of a car to tootle around in when you arrive at your destination.  We’ve never seen the inside of one of these things, not one, so we haven’t the faintest idea what we’re talking about, which perhaps makes it even more fun?

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