February 5, 2018


A study in white, out our cabin window on our Panama Canal cruise.

Machinery can certainly be beautiful, and the various shapes and black/white contrast and that yellow strap/belt certainly add to this.  The peek of bright light there next to the yellow  draws my eye, along with the repeating curves of the white edges, the hose, the fan blades, and the white fan container. People make a living designing these things, and others manufacturing and assembling and testing and shipping and installing and maintaining them.  Kind of amazing.

Which I was, (amazed, that is!) when, speaking of maintaining, three workmen appeared outside my window, just inches away, while I was taking a nap.  They had to do something to the lifeboat.  I had a fever (flu, ugh!) and there were these guys, me in my undies because I was um, feverish…I pulled the window curtain quite quickly!

You never know what you’ll get when you look at a lifeboat.

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