February 7, 2014

Impossible tree
Impossible tree

Although I walked on the beach today, this photo from the Safari Park yesterday kept beckoning me.  I loved this unlikely tree and here it is for you.  It may be a type of acacia.

The beach was narrow today at high tide.  After yesterday’s rain, the skies were clear and the horizon distinct — until sunset.  Suddenly, clouds seemed to appear and obscure the sun’s descent.  It was crispy cool but fairly still, so the sun and our walk warmed us into removing our jackets.  The sun is setting closer and closer to the time I want to be preparing dinner.  I’ll have to get things ready ahead or push dinner later.  I don’t mind moving our rituals and mealtimes; accommodating our walks and adjusting our schedules is one more way to stay connected to what is outside our walls.

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