February 7, 2015


It’s sitting there, just like that, waiting for me.  Well, no, of course not, but sometimes it feels like that.  Maybe I should turn the photo on its side?  Dunno.  I just really like the white shell wedged in there.  Where shall I live?  Oh, here looks pretty good.  Says the shell.  Then again, I say it, too, about living here.   Thank you.

5 thoughts on “February 7, 2015”

    1. Yes, it is rather skull-like. It’s fun to anthropomorphize these things. The word processor doesn’t like that word either. Maybe I spelled it wrong. I used to be able to spell well. I either knew it was right or knew I had to look it up. Now uncertainty is far more common!

      Google confirms I spelled it correctly. Hah!

      1. New word of the day — pareidolia. It’s what we experience when we see faces where they’re not or familiar shapes in the clouds or elsewhere.

        P.S. That grin on the skull turned into a SEG (shell-eating grin) when Nuz realized that she had perpetrated an inappropriate apostrophe.

        1. Love the new word!

          I’ve made apostrophe errors myself. The fingers flying over the keyboard don’t have the same self-checking instincts of the fingers holding writing implements…

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