January 1, 2014

Who:  Vavara
What:  A blog
Where: Southern California
When: 2014
Why:  It’s all why, only ever why

January 1

Water.  The ocean: the sea.  The vastness, relentlessness, colors, scents, dampness and softness and freshness and crispness of air, sharpness of salty smells; slight rich rot, redolent of recently alive but no-longer-so kelp; bubbles, foam, curves of waves, roar, ascending incoming rumble rush, gentler pulling departure; delicate lines in the sand, traces of deliberation; mini-mountains of recession, tumble of pebbles, tangles of seaweed, deposits of shells, small deep lives exposed; distant curves fading into fog, local puddles, eroding tunneled cliffs, monumental perfect dunes; crashing, lapping, tugging; blue, silver, turquoise, aqua, navy, royal amethyst, yellow-green, emerald, murky brown, clear, lemon-yellow crystalline carbonated peaks, pale blanket-baby-blue toward white nearly smooth expanses, gray, deeply cloudy darkly blue-black, metallic menacing graphite, reflective as night; shimmering, swirling whirlpools, rumbling boulders tumbling in a storm, moving and still, the same and not; permeating the sky so that it’s all just ocean-sky-oneness-blueness; reflecting the clouds, reflecting the fiery intense piercing oranges of sunset; holding its treasures close then flinging them upon the shores; permuting our days and hours into an eternal transformation of water, wind, sky, air, breath, life.

I trail my mind’s fingertips across this world with reverence, with awe, with joy, with anticipation.  I now live a short walk from the ocean, and for this I am grateful.

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