January 11, 2014


We have house guests from Kansas City and didn’t get home until rather late last night.  So no blog post yesterday.  I don’t like that, but there it is.  I mean, I don’t like that I didn’t write; I really really really like having “company.”

It’s especially nice because I didn’t really know these two women that well, and it’s lovely to feel comfortable with people even when you don’t know them.  Maybe it has something to do with being comfortable with yourself, and they too are comfortable with themselves?

I like cooking for people, especially when I don’t have to and when they are undemanding and appreciative.  I once considered (very briefly indeed) having a B&B, but it would have had to be a B&D, as I am not a morning person.  Also, there is a limit to how much I am willing to fuss.  We are using cloth napkins tonight, and they need ironing, but I’d rather be writing here than ironing.  I mean, nice crisp unwrinkled napkins might be lovely, but are they that much lovelier than slightly wrinkled ones?

So, there it is.  Am I at a stage in life (I hate that expression!) where I often end with “there it is?”   First paragraph as well!  What does that mean?

Walk on beach did happen.  Photo at top.  Bliss.

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