January 14, 2014

Long-beaked loner
Long-beaked loner

The light near sunset is confusing to me.  The sky is made yellow by my new phone’s camera when my eye sees pinks and lavenders, and thus I’m never sure how true the other colors will be.  This photo, though, seems to capture both the softness and steeliness of the water at this time of evening.  The lone bird mirrors the relative emptiness of the beach; although there are people out walking or watching the end-of-day show, there aren’t many: perhaps a dozen or so along the mile  that is within easy sight.

My walk ends with some reluctance.  It gets quite cool quite fast.  It was 77 today at 4 pm, but probably around 68-70 when walking back home at 5:30.  The sun sinks and the mercury does too.  As if many of us still have mercury thermometers?!  And tomorrow is forecast to be warmer.  We will be downtown and at the zoo for the afternoon and evening.  I will miss my ocean sunset.  It has become an expected given in my day.  How fortunate I am.

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