January 14, 2016

Eucalyptus Bark
Eucalyptus Bark

An entire world in a few inches of bark.  Like the patterns in sand, the patterns in bark never seem boring or trite to me.  This tree is next to our bank of mailboxes, and it had about six places where the bark looked intriguing.  The texture is compelling both visually and to the touch.  (“Tactiley” apparently isn’t a word, although it should be.)

The thin layers are smooth and soft and velvety, quite delicate and almost translucent.  The colors range from pink to golden to tan and off-white, more like skin than like wood.  I want to put a layer into the fiber collage I am constructing, but I would guess it would deteriorate rapidly.  Or not.  And if it does?  That is the way the world is…but the orthodoxy doesn’t like its art to deteriorate or change.  Hm….I will see if I can stitch through it.  Travesty?  I shall do it with respect.

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