January 18, 2014

Sand art
Sand art

Sometimes the treasures on the beach are left by humans rather than by “nature.”   We are,  although we usually forget it, part of nature, so why do I say that?

It is Saturday, it was lovely and warm, and there were lots of people on the beach.  I’ve come to think of it as “my” beach and am a bit taken aback to see perhaps a hundred people scattered along the two-mile stretch that I walk.  More often there are only a dozen or two.  In summer I’m sure those numbers will multiply hugely.

My beach has no parking nearby, no parking lot.  This keeps it less populated.  There is a state campground that extends along this stretch, and one must pay for the privilege of setting up in the allotted spaces.  During this time of year, only part of the campground is open, further reducing the number of people on the beach.  There was an exercise class being conducted a ways down the beach, with perhaps thirty people participating.  That in itself was novel.

I was charmed to come across this piece of sand art.  I have no idea whether it was invented or is a common symbol.  The details and textures were inviting.  Thank you, someone.

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