January 18, 2016

Our Skyline
Our Skyline

The real one, not the palm trees one.  Although that does seem just as real.  This is as seen from Coronado, on one of these balmy January days that seem so extraordinary.  In the Midwest, there is snow and below-zero temperatures.  This is a big country.  Lots of variation in climate.  Lots of variation in lots of things.  This is good.

4 thoughts on “January 18, 2016”

  1. Fun to see all the changes. As a child, the highest building in the skyline was the El Cortez Hotel. But glad to know that it’s still there, just hidden in the background.

  2. Thank you, everyone! I almost didn’t post this, as skylines aren’t my “thing,” but having posted the palms (as pseudo-skyline,) I thought this followed…

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