January 2, 2015


Of paradise.  In January.  In Southern California.  So much for black and white photography.  It captured me, I captured it, I was seduced.  There were other flowers in bloom today, wild ones, too, and the almost acrid green of carpeting new succulent growth, encouraged by the recent rains.  We did a different walk: down to the beach stairs, sitting on the landing and watching, spying the white plume of a spouting whale, seeing about fifty people on the beach at the beginning of a weekend.  Then we continued through part of the campgrounds and across the street near the lagoon,  a path through the fields, and into our neighborhood “the back way.”  Why is it the back way?  Front door faces the street, back door is opposite.  The back way.

The restaurant owner tonight assured us that it would indeed be a happy new year, better than last year.  Chinese astrology so indicated.  I would like to believe her.  Bird of paradise.

One thought on “January 2, 2015”

  1. My mom loved bird of paradise, so I always think of her when I see them. She was from the Midwest so don’t think she’d ever seen them before coming out to California in her late 30s. Thanks for the good memory this morning.

    And yes, let this be a happier year than last, worldwide. I can’t complain about my year. It was already looking pretty good by the first week as Jerry and I were already talking about getting remarried. And I was up here visiting in Grass Valley reveling in our bliss.

    Enjoy your walk today wherever you go and whatever you seen.

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