January 20, 2014

Water drawing
Water drawing

Another walk during which I got a crick in my neck from looking down!

We rearranged our schedule to get to the beach by sunset.  Some days I seem to look more at the sand, others at the water, and still others at the sky.  There was fog today, too, but the photos I took didn’t do it justice.  The walks aren’t about photography for me, and the camera-phone doesn’t feel as intrusive and cumbersome as a good SLR camera would.  Sometimes, though, I hardly want to take even the simple phone photos, I just want to be there.

Will I get tired of these walks?  Will I get tired of the photos?  Will a pattern emerge from the sequence of photos?  Will I start researching what I see?  Do I want to “study” the water and the plants and the animals and the geography and the tides and the weather?  Is it about “studying?”  How curious am I?


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