January 26, 2015


This method I have of just swiping along the array of teensy thumbnails and choosing an image…seems to work!  I like these noodle-weeds.  Shouldn’t that be their name?  I think I took this photo at the jetty that’s a half-mile or so down the beach.  The jetty is great for climbing kids, for sheltering starfish, and for curious photographers.

Now, as I wrote that, I realized that “climbing” and “curious” are adjectives, but “sheltering” is a verb.  So I’ve created a series of three short phrases that seem parallel in construction, but aren’t.  Bad writing, but cool to notice.  Can’t take the linguist far away, eh?

Wait a minute.  “Sheltering” can also be an adjective.  They are sheltering themselves.  HA!

2 thoughts on “January 26, 2015”

  1. We have a plant something like this called dodder that grows in our freshwater wetlands. Not the same, I’m sure, but the outer resemblance is striking. Dodder is parasitic and drapes itself over other plants.

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