January 5, 2014


It was hazy and rather foggy in the distance.  The tide was low again, but not as low as it has been the last few days around sunset.  The cycles of moon and tides and, indeed, weather itself, are more available at the beach, more accessible, more visible, even palpable.

Those skittering birds seem like a caricature of themselves and always bring smiles of amazement.  They make me feel a bit giddy, and I would like to skitter along with them.  I wonder how fast they move.  And whether they ever move slowly?  We counted four kinds of waterfowl today: skitterers and gulls and long-necked gull-shaped birds (but not gulls)and fatter duck-resembling birds.  Might need to buy a book so I can name these creatures!  No pelicans around here at this point, though we have seen them in the La Jolla area.  We see ducks in the harbor but haven’t seen them in the open.

Walked a mile and a half on the beach.  Lovely.  It’s right there.

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