January 6, 2014

Carlsbad sunset
Carlsbad sunset

We were driving back from further north and pulled over on the coast road so as not to miss the sunset.   We had installed my art piece “Altarpiece” today at Soka University and it took on a new form.  It had previously hung with the hundred crocheted “nests” at somewhat random various heights, reminiscent of notes on a musical staff,  but this time I sketched out a wave form and hung it differently.   Not surprising.  Art reflects life reflects art…

Our sunset venue was further north in Carlsbad rather than at “our” beach, and there were many people lined up at cliff’s edge to watch the sun sink ever-so-slowly into a black-bordered sea.  It is comforting to see crowds stop on a Monday afternoon at 4:45 and gather companionably to watch.  Diverse in age, color, dress, prosperity, and health, we all thought it important to witness this stunning expanse of sea and sky.  No skittering birds tonight, but thoughtful people briefly together in a communal gesture of awe.

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