January 6, 2015

Nature's Pollock
Nature’s Pollock

Seen through plastic wrap?  It’s a stone surface, I think, another mystery image.  I like its depth (or lack thereof) and its swirly blurriness.  As a photo, it wouldn’t be considered technically worthy.  And probably not as a painting, either.  But it does capture the look and feel of that surface, soft and hard simultaneously, with the acidic yellow-green jumping out from the browns and pinkish-grays.  More colors that are hard to name.  I like those what-color-is-it hues; they can seem bland and unappealing alone, but often transcend themselves when grouped or combined.

I once made a large art piece, on paper, collages of the least attractive colors I could mix with acrylic paint.  Of course, attractiveness of colors is subjective, and also cultural and time-dependent;  but those weird muddy colors found their companions and created a new world that was quite successful.  The whole is indeed quite different from the sum of its parts.

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