January 7, 2014

Sandwatersky stripes
Sandwatersky stripes

Writing “2014” is bound to feel awkward for a while.  Whoosh!  The old year is out, the new one in, with a rush.  Just like the tides…

Curious how one’s internal clock can change.  I was out shopping and it was nearing 4 pm and I was suddenly aware that if I finished up and skipped the last errand, I could be home for sunset.  We all must have been far more attuned to the rhythms of our days when artificial light didn’t exist and we could count only on a home hearth fire.

So I got home and turned around and went back out and down to the beach.  The sun seemed to set very quickly and suddenly, especially compared to last night, and there were far fewer people around than there were on the town beach.  One person commented on some vague black shapes rather far out into the water and wondered if they were divers or even perhaps shark tails.  In the quickly dimming light, we never did identify them.  Mysteries of dusk.

The camera seems to intensify the yellows and oranges of the sky.  I don’t feel right with that, but it’s my new phone camera and I haven’t yet learned if it can be adjusted.  The photos here are just to create a sense of place, not to provide precise documentation.  Setting the mood, perhaps.  Definitely moody.

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