January 9, 2014



Today’s beach walk was unexpected — with friends.  Had I not taken the photo above, we would not have known that Cheryl and Jerry were in the area doing an errand.  I sent them the photo because she had introduced us to a different bakery nearby, and we ended up meeting there, then going for a walk on the beach, and finally eating lunch together.  I rustled up a meal from leftovers and we had a pleasant and leisurely time.  Leaving downtown was leaving friends, and this unexpected, last-minute get-together relieved my worries that thirty miles might just be too far.  Not really!

It was also special because they had just — within the hour — received the news that they were grandparents, first-time.  So we oohed and ahed over darling new-baby pictures messaged via phone, then enjoyed the near-deserted beach, the marks of the waves in the sand, and the glorious sunshine.

We were going to hang art today.  It will wait patiently against the wall.  Being with friends is for the now.

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