July 10-11, 2014

Another view
Another view

This post was started last night but then the blog provider was unavailable, so here it is now.

This is a variation on the plant whose photo I posted last week.  This looks more like a sea creature than a plant leaf/flower.  Nature is amazing enough that we don’t need to invent sci-fi plants!

I wish all of us could look at nature and write blogs and be amazed and tell each other stories and dance each other dances.  We have friends visiting today who are the good people who give me faith.  Faith in what?  In the future!

He is a retired schoolteacher and she is an accomplished cook, seamstress, painter, and landscape designer.  They are thoughtful and joyful  and I am pleased we are still friends after nearly forty years.  Forty years!

Blessings abound.  I will prepare a meal for us this evening as an offering to the present and the future, to the simplicity of an enduring friendship.

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