July 10, 2016

Italian Pizza by Me
Italian Pizza by Me

Well, I’m headed that way, anyhow.  I made the crust from scratch yesterday, with King Arthur bread flour.  Made the tomato sauce today with tomato paste to which I added my also-homemade herbal vinaigrette, in order to thin it to pizza-topping consistency.  I didn’t make the cheese (fresh mozzarella, grated hard mozzarella, and ricotta) or grow the veggies!

We actually made two pizzas and cooked them, one at a time, on the new grill, using the new ceramic pizza stone.  (The first one got transferred to this metal pan in a barely warm oven while the second one cooked.)

They were ok to good.  Need lots of work.  The crust was too thick and I overcooked it, so it was too dry.  Next time: make the crust thinner (easier said than done!) and brush it with olive oil all the way to the edges before adding the toppings.  In my quest for more subtle, less gooey pizza, I also under-topped it.  A bit more sauce, a bit more cheese next time for sure.  And there will be a next time.  We each had two+ large slices as it was.  And the kitchen didn’t get overheated with an oven on 500 for 45 minutes.

Am I starting to write a food blog?

2 thoughts on “July 10, 2016”

  1. I know your pizzas were better than any of that gummy, gooey, greasy, salty stuff that comes from the pizza chains!

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