July 13, 2014

Lath House Orchid
Lath House Orchid

Our visitors love gardens so we went to Balboa Park today.  The lath house is always full of gorgeous splendor and today was no exception.  Huntington Library/Gardens yesterday, Balboa Park today.  Real treats.

I didn’t appreciate orchids until recently.  They were just the weird, finicky flowers made famous (to me, anyway!) by Nero Wolfe, Rex Stout’s  genius  eccentric detective.  I’ve come to appreciate their delicate other-worldly forms and exotic colors.  I was given one as a gift shortly upon our arrival in San Diego, and have found that my habit of benign neglect has fairly good results for these quirky beauties.  I have a growing collection and might even decide to learn how to feed them.  Careful under-watering has been my only treatment so far.

Orchids!  My brown thumb is turning slightly chartreuse!

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