July 13, 2015


“…may rain, so I’ll follow the sun.”

Two Beatles songs, between yesterday and tomorrow.  They were an integral part of our coming-of-age years,  as were Alan Shepard, lunch counters and buses and school stairs, and November 22.

The mid-century poets were song-writers.  Who are the poets today?  I have friends out there who write poetry; I wonder what they think.  I’ve said that the only creatives who get less applause than visual artists are poets.  I’m afraid that’s still true.

Losing our  involvement in the life of the mind diminishes our soul.

One thought on “July 13, 2015”

  1. I hadn’t thought about it in just this way, but you’re so right. Where are the thinkers of today? I know that I often need to be woken up myself.

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