July 15, 2016


I sit and knit as the world seems to come unraveled.  Brexit, France, Turkey.  And the Republican National Convention starts Monday in Cleveland.  I have great wariness; the world seems ripe for change, but the change needs to be a coming together, not a tearing apart.

I don’t talk much about politics in this blog, but threat seems thick in the atmosphere and permeates even my writing.  All I can do (other than vote and make my voice heard) is MAKE THINGS, GIVE.  I made hot fudge sauce and gave some to the campground hosts, and some to my neighbor.  I make meals for people.  (Another round of pizza dough this afternoon, in search of excellence!)  I make art to please and to puzzle and to ask and to dance visually.  I write to explore, to look at alternatives.  I knit to comfort (giving scarves, hats to those in need; socks to those I love.)

I’m writing a story, a series of stories, about an alternative place, alternative feelings,  another choice, an antidote to the dystopic fiction that seems so dominant right now.

It’s not enough.  I must try to do more.

4 thoughts on “July 15, 2016”

  1. Wonderful insight Lynne. We seem to be betwixt and between…moving forward, standing still….love faltering into fear… inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale…inhale…

  2. “The Merry Little Minuet” that the Kingston Trio sang during the Cold War came to mind. Different circumstances, but we seemed to be living under a shadow. Last night (7/18) the Republicans told us over and over that we should be afraid– very afraid–that the world was a dangerous place and evil was coming to get us. Apparently I’m not as convinced as I should be. And so? Vote for the best candidate. Be kind and generous. And remember that life is short so we should have fun. (The last sentence is a direct quote from Delany.)

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