July 17, 2016

Blue on Blue
Blue on Blue

Trying to avoid the ‘heartache on heartache’ part.

This was this morning and it was lovely.  Not my  favorite ‘no horizon’ but still.  Walked down to see the sunset (teensy green flash!) tonight, too.  So it’s been an ocean day, even if not on the beach.

The sun sneaked under the cloud bank so we could watch the last five minutes of the set.  There’s the sun and the set, according to my daughter around age 4.  She was onto something there.

Blue on blue.  Sunset.  Yes, thank you.

2 thoughts on “July 17, 2016”

  1. Bobby Vinton. I do that, too. Someone mentions how long something takes and I say, “until the 12th of never” and person responds, “yes,”–not “and that’s a long, long time.”

  2. Never been a beach fan, but love the sights and sounds of the ocean. So thanks for sharing at least the sights of the ocean that you see, both the blues and the metaphors, too.

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