July 20, 2016

Towel Painting
Towel Painting

Walked into the campground and saw these festooned [over]* the fence,  providing both privacy for the occupants and a piece of art installation,  probably unintentional, but oh so lovely!  Plus, with the good wind we have, they’ll probably be nice and dry when needed, despite how humid it’s been.

Wonder if they’ll be there tomorrow?  The campsites are limited to eight occupants and that was a lot of towels.  But if you’re swimming and surfing and showering, you need a lot of towels, I guess.

The angle makes it look like the towels go on and on, into the trees.  Accidental/incidental effect.  Good.

  • Now there’s a usage question.  The towels festooned the fence? Or were they festooned OVER the fence?  The former sounds right; is the latter ok as well?

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