July 27, 2015

A White One
A White One

A sort of morning glory, appearing today for the first time on the path to the campground, which is also the path to the stairs to the cliffs to the beach.  As it happens.  It was breezy, and the flower just wasn’t going to be still for me.  Apparently there are lots of flowers (1000?!) that are ‘morning glories,’ according to Wikipedia.

These seemed to just spring (summer?) out of nowhere.  It is so dry and scrubby on the way to the beach, and that several days we had of sort-of rain hasn’t repeated.  I’m amazed at the yellow and purple and white that seem to be always present in some form or other despite the dry dry dry conditions.  It continues to be warm, high around 80, and less humid.  I prefer a high of 70, though!  How did I manage all those years in New England, the Midwest, and even Silicon Valley?  Right now the windows are open and the breezes are cool.  Lovely.

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