July 28, 2014

Fern-leafed Catalina Ironwood
Fern-leafed Catalina Ironwood

Back to the Botanic Garden today.  Every visit yields different sights.  These leaves were carpeting the hillside under the ironwood, whose bark was deeply ridged and most of whose fern-leaves were green — except for the fallen ones.

And today it smelled deliciously pungent and spicy.  I don’t especially notice the scents each time, but they were demanding my attention this afternoon.  It was hot and humid (relatively speaking; this is southern California, after all!) and the heaviness of the air may have magnified the effects.

These leaves look like autumn and were a visual exception among all the bright flowers, whose colors included deep pink, purple, magenta, lemony yellow, deep plum, white, red-orange, lavender, lilac, pale pink, deep gold, coral…perhaps some of those flowers will appear here in the blog — later.

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