July 29, 2014

Belladonna Lily
Belladonna Lily

Well, it’s not just the lily.  I loved the shadowy area in which these ungainly stalks with their pale bonnets grew in such quiet dignity.

I envy those with quiet dignity.  Dignity seems beyond me.  My impatience, my impulsiveness, my energy — it’s hard for me to contain them.  I watch British dramas with wonder at everyone’s self-restraint.  Of course, not quite everyone is restrained.  But even the relatively unbridled characters appear more moderated in their outbursts than their American counterparts.  The extreme emotions appear to be more deliberate and considered.  Rashness doesn’t abound!  The culprit in last night’s murder mystery was ridiculously calm and matter-of-fact about his sins.  “Let’s not get too excited” must be delivered from childhood as a daily lesson.   Ha!  Wouldn’t have worked for me.

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