July 3, 2014

More bark
More bark

It’s so intricate and crispy and…bark-y?  Also from the botanic garden.

My sister sent me a book on collage quilting, and I keep finding I’m drawn to the quilts that have earthy colors.  Maybe we’re too inundated with deep or bright colors?  My eyes need a rest?  And it’s not that it’s fall or that I crave “fall colors”  (whatever those may be) — I think it’s more that I’m needing the basic-ness of the monochromatic or nearly monochromatic.  When the distraction of color is gone, we’re left with a richness of form, of dark/light, of texture.

Our social calendar is extremely full this week, but I look forward to spending some time with my fabric, my thread, and my imagination.

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