July 3, 2015

Rain Out There
Rain Out There

But you probably can’t see it.  There have been a few showers over the last week, but brief and not amounting to much.  It’s been so humid, however, that the air feels weighted with almost-rain.  As in 96% humidity when we get up in the morning, making the cereal and the crackers and many other foodstuffs clammy and definitely un-crispy.

It would be fine if only it would really truly rain, and rain for more than just a few minutes!  Like a nice soaker of a Midwestern rain, starting usually in the middle of the night and continuing on throughout the next day.  A few inches of gently accumulating water for our so so thirsty plants!

So all that salt water out there is almost taunting us. Remember all those grade school charts with the body of water, the evaporation cycle, and the new clouds forming with eventual rain?  Just a memory, I guess.

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