July 31, 2016

Neighbors' Climbing Shrub
Neighbors’ Climbing Shrub

On the way to the beach.  The magenta center is so intense.  I would love a beach house with light wood floors, white walls, white slip-covered sofas, and magenta throw pillows.  A bit of turquoise and persimmon, too.  Just a bit. Yum.  We don’t quite have a beach house despite being so close to the beach.

Our furnishings have been collected over the years and tend toward practical brown sofas and brown leather recliners and lots of patterned Oriental rugs, and even painted patterned south Asian cabinets, with some French antiques of gorgeous walnut and fruit- wood.  Grateful though I am for their comfort and sturdiness,  they all seem very heavy here,  

These flowers are so LIGHT.  I want to let in the light!

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