July 4, 2015

Where's Squirrel?
Where’s Squirrel?

Protective coloration really works.  I almost zoomed in on this and then decided that the gray twigs and brown earth and sage-y vegetation was interesting in its ability to “hide” the squirrel.  This one and its mate were motionless for quite a while this afternoon at the beach.  Because they were basking in the sun?  Because they knew I was watching them?  Because there were too many people going up and down the stairway to the beach, disturbing their peace?  Because they just felt like being still?!

They didn’t know it was the 4th of July.  Or that the day was different from any other day.  Or, for that matter, that it wasn’t Passover, another day that’s different from any other day.

But we did.

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