July 5, 2014


Isn’t this deliciously confusing?  Can hardly tell which way is up!

Reminds me of the law.

Our nephew, who has finished his second year of law school, is visiting over the weekend.  We have had some mighty complex conversations about entities, equity (in the sense of “fairness”) and, ultimately, where madness lies.

Consider all the ways corporations AREN’T logically equivalent to people, yet are considered such under the law.  And I can see that it is sometimes for very good reasons.  But oh my, this notion leads us unto damnation, in my reasoned opinion.  We could change this so that corporations would be considered legal entities with legal rights spelled out — without making them logically/legally equivalent to people.  Last I heard, corporations don’t get married, have sex, die intestate…just idly naming a few ways they are different from people.  But this is a long conversation.  And there may be other ways to ease the problems that have resulted, it has been pointed out.  We *will* have to do something eventually.

Meanwhile, which way is up?

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