July 8, 2016

Lemur Contortions
Lemur Contortions

We went to the Safari Park two weeks ago and spent some time with the lovely lemurs.  My, they are cute.  Scurrying around, stopping suddenly to stare at us (and us back at them), and then hiding out in companionable closeness with their buddies in the trees.

An added bonus was our daughter’s friend’s knowledge of these cuties; she works there, gave us a tour, and knew them all by name.  (Thank you, Lauren!) They all looked like masked bandits, one much the same as the next to us, but she could tell them apart by their markings.  And pretty good protective coloration, eh?

One thought on “July 8, 2016”

  1. Love lemurs. My niece, Torrey, works at the Safari Park, too. Perhaps they know each other. Their great of animals is so clear, and fun to see.

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