June 10, 2015

White AND Purple
White AND Purple

These might be a variety of Johnny-Jump-Up?  They are small and grow on a low shrub.  I’ve never seen them before.  Why am I noticing all these flowers?  Such an abundance here.  Super-foggy this afternoon near the beach, but it still feels very much as if summer has arrived.  Not hot.  Not even much into the 70s.  But summerish all the same.

These are so very pretty.

4 thoughts on “June 10, 2015”

    1. How much of our time do we spend not seeing? (For me, far too much!) I think an arts education helps you see (and hear, and feel, and express) what you might not otherwise have access to. Perhaps a drawing class and a photo class should be part of every high school’s requirement? And maybe dance and music too…of some sort…kind of like phys ed is required. We do it in elementary school and then it’s gone…

  1. I agree with Kate! And I love the soft beauty in this flower. And your love of the abundance of nature all around you.

    1. Carrying a camera, of any sort, and knowing you have to find something photo-worthy, does open your eyes to what’s right there! (Thank you…)

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