June 10, 2016

Another Pizza
Another Pizza

And wine.  Our last day in Orvieto.  So that was an anchovy and olive pizza.  They don’t overdo the toppings, for sure.  And the tomato sauce is fresh-cooked and neither thick nor sour nor sweet.  Just right.  The crust is chewy, crunchy, soft — all at once.  And it has flavor.  Really good flavor.  It probably cost around $8-10.

The wine wasn’t half bad either.  I didn’t have any very often, but Orvieto was so special.  That’s my wrist over there, I think.  The pizzas are large and some people easily eat the whole thing.  We shared them.  My mouth is watering just looking at this again.  I may have to learn how to make REAL pizza.  With wonderful simple dough and home-made sauce and a pizza STEEL so that the crust gets hot enough.  At least, that’s what I’ve read.  It’s bedtime, and I’d be delighted to eat that right now.  Right now…

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  1. It was our last morning in Orvieto but the pizza was in Perugia, where we did indeed buy chocolate, on our way from Umbria to Tuscany.

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