June 11, 2016


As in Under the Tuscan Sun.  This was the view from our hotel, Villa Lecchi.  And ohmyheavens, we thought we’d been eating well, but Laura outdid herself.  The dinners were four scrumptious courses.  The soups! The pastas! The desserts!  The everything…

And best of all was the breakfast buffet: pine nut cake.  And fruit tortes.  And, maybe best of all, several kinds of pizza.  Hot.  I love a mix of sweet and savory for breakfast.  And this was along with the plates of meats and cheeses, the huge bowl of cut fruit, the granola, the breads and pastries.  And this was every morning, four mornings in a row.  You have to be happy in the morning with this view and this kind of breakfast!

2 thoughts on “June 11, 2016”

  1. This shot looks so much like similar photos of Italy, but I suddenly recall that YOU were actually THERE, and took that shot. It is an odd but nice realization.

    1. It felt that way the whole time: I’m here, I’m really here?! And people live here and see this and eat this? All the time? Wow…

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