June 15, 2014

Wisconsin lilacs
Wisconsin lilacs

For a few months this will be something other than an ocean blog.

I have been away, and may not get back to the beach for a while.  Our travels have been an opportunity to see other natural wonders, like these gorgeous flowers that speak to me of spring in New Hampshire.

Their appearance in Madison was a special treat.  Many, many suburban yards have multiple bushes, especially in older parts of town.  I find the scent heady and am returned to being ten years old, in the front yard of our tiny cape with its attic bedrooms, open yard, and a single gnarled peach tree that fruited voluminously (200 pounds!) in alternate years.  We canned and made jam, somehow always on the hottest of summer days, with no air conditioning to relieve the stickiness of the air and the task.  And it was so worth it.

What do we do these days that speaks of nature’s bounty, our own labor, and simple processes?  I really don’t know.

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