June 15, 2016

Illuminated Manuscript
Illuminated Manuscript

Taking photos of objects under glass is a challenge.  And it was a crowded room, to boot, so it was tricky to play with the angles.  But this is so gorgeous that it comes through despite the distraction of the flashes.  And I don’t really think I mind the reflection of the ceiling all that much, considering.

Considering.  We did a lot of considering.  The guides — aloud.  Us — more quietly.  Under my breath muttering at times.  And considering in retrospect.  Writing this gives me some distance, and a point of view for sure.  I can’t imagine a much longer trip, or trips like this one back-to-back.  It’s too intense with too much stimulation, both mental and emotional.  It would start to float off your consciousness.

A few more weeks, and I’ll be back to my ocean — even in cyberspace.

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