June 16, 2014

Even small lakes can be moody
Even small lakes can be moody

Sunset in Madison.  Not as dramatic as Carlsbad, but still.

I think it’s the noise and the movement even more than the difference in air quality that I miss.  I grew up around lakes, but they seem to lack the presence, yes presence, of the ocean.  Now I have been to the shores and on the waters of some larger lakes: Tahoe, Como, Winnipesaukee, Superior.  And those lakes even create their own weather. But they are contained, not expansive seemingly into infinity.

That brings me to that extraordinary concept, infinity.  Nothing tangible is infinite, not even atoms or sub-atomic particles or “empty” space.  Infinity was the topic of a lovely conversation with my 10th- and 12th-grade math teacher on June 9th in Concord, NH.  Next post.

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