June 18, 2016


Now, isn’t that a postcard?  We saw more in the Galleria; we saw lots at the Uffizi; but you can see good photos of art online.  I do say that I enjoyed Botticelli’s “Spring” more than his “Venus,” but my photos do neither of them justice.  “Spring” is intricate and charming and whimsical.  It was a nice break from serious and heavy and historical and…well, you know.

I think I actually like Florence seen like this even more than up close and personal.  The Ponte Vecchio was smaller than I thought and just seemed like a sequence of not-very-interesting jewelry shops.  OK, we did it.  We didn’t have much time in Florence; perhaps another visit will reveal more.  I was realizing I liked the smaller towns more than the big cities.  Bologna proved to be the exception, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

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