June 19, 2016

Winery Antipasto
Winery Antipasto

Time for another photo of food.  I sure miss the food.  And the walking and the fresh air.  And the food.

So, this was the day we visited San Gimignano.  Which wins the prize for “most fun name to say.”  You have to sing it.  “San Jim-in-YA-no.”  And get that YA nice and long and deep.  San Gimignano was the place that had a ceramic scale model of the city (itself) on display.  It was very cool so I might post a photo.  But really, even though San Gimignano had the winery where this antipasto plate was served to *each* of us to accompany our four wine tastes, it also had leather shops.  That’s supposed to be Florence, but for me, it was here.  I must have gone into ten or fifteen of them.  They smelled so good.  And had such unusual and supple and varied and reasonably-priced goods.   And I did buy a wonderful purse that is so soft and so chic and so stylish that I can’t believe I have it.  Guess that makes it a good purchase?!

Every bite on that plate was wonderful, by the way.  And they suggested what to eat with each wine.  I didn’t get excited about the wines (I don’t in general) but it was great fun.  The sort of thing I’d never do on my own.  But hey, it was part of the program.

And yes, this was around 4 or 5 pm and we did indeed have a full dinner back at Villa Lecchi around 8 or so.   And I think I ate all of it.

Oh I sure miss the food.  Italian food in the US has never been my favorite, but Italian food in Italy is something else.  Light and clean, even things you might think of as rich and heavy, like cheese and cold-cuts, which is an insulting term for the meats we ate, anyway!

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  1. My parents went to Italy a couple of times in the 80’s, the result of which I have a couple of creamer-sized pitchers hand painted in San Gimignano. I did a double take when you shared that wonderful photo of the ceramic shop in Deruta, because the style of painting on those pieces looks so similar to what I have. Ten or fifteen leather shops? That’s persistence!

    1. San Gimignano was a shopping town. The stores were all enticing, lined up along the main street with their front doors open, and people (tourists) must buy a lot of leather because every other shop was a leather shop. So it wasn’t difficult to go into many of them. And great fun to compare styles and prices. I think there’s not tons of other stuff to do there, and all in all, we didn’t spend much time shopping. Except in San Jim-in-YA-no!

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