June 20, 2016

San Gimignano
San Gimignano

In clay.  It took years to make this model of the whole town; it is presented at the 1300 Museum.  Although I’ve worked in clay, I can’t imagine the scope of this project.  All that slab- and hand-building! The town has 13 remaining bell towers, and the skyline (such as it is) has changed little since medieval times.  It was fun to see.  We got a presentation and then snacks.  Good snacks.  Every time you turned around, there was good food.

Some folks apparently think San Gimignano is pretty touristy.  It is.  In such a fun way! Besides,  it was our last major stop in Tuscany.  It meant we were heading towards our last destination of the tour, Venice, which was the only place I didn’t rave about the food –except for our farewell dinner.  And we were consoled knowing we had the four-day Bologna bonus coming!

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