June 21, 2014


It’s somewhat freeing to write whatever and use whatever photo.

This just jumped out at me from my array of old photos.  That achingly sharp yellow juxtaposed with the almost-fuschia is pretty striking.

We walked in a county park today, along bark-chipped and/or dusty trails.  It wasn’t nearly as lovely as the beach or the botanical gardens.  It was hot, even though it wasn’t.  I seem to get less and less tolerant of weather extremes as time tramples on.  A weather wimp, I call myself.  A comfort addict.  I hope I don’t let that confine me.  Even if it’s a strong preference!

I made some art today.  A small piece, and a card.  The to-do list is enormous and I need to lose it in the pile and put art on top.  ART ON TOP!

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