June 21, 2016


Yes.  It exists.  It’s not a movie set.  It’s there, in all its semi-decrepit impossible splendor.  I guess there’s a lot I’ve called ‘splendid.’  Well, I cried when we took the boat from the bus station and saw it opening out before us.  I hadn’t  been sure it wasn’t a Hollywood fiction.

That said, it wasn’t my favorite place.  It was the fanciest hotel, but, alas, the food was more expensive and not as wonderful, with the exception of our farewell dinner.  But given the caliber of the whole Smithsonian experience, that’s not surprising; I mean, they were going to have a great farewell dinner.  We could choose the fish or the meat courses, and Pier Luigi recommended the fish, so that’s what we had and it was excellent..

OK, I’ll break with tradition and post another canal photo here:


It didn’t smell bad  — yet.  Because it was only mid-April.  We were told that in the height of summer, it can be malodorous.  Apparently there can be sewage leaks from the ancient plumbing, but we escaped that.

More Venezia tomorrow!

One thought on “June 21, 2016”

  1. I am glad the canals are real. Still, they are somewhat alarming to me. It looks to me as if the water comes right up to the buildings, which gives it the look of a flood, to me. Is the canal water rising?

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