June 23, 2016

View from Peggy's Place
View from Peggy’s Place

Peggy Guggenheim’s home and art collection were a major destination for me.  She had a graceful villa, with gorgeous small gardens, and this is the view from one of the terraces.  So quintessentially Venice.

The art was from my favorite period and artists, and so I couldn’t decide what to show here.  She befriended and supported many big names before they were big.  I saw familiar and unfamiliar pieces, including a metalwork headboard made for her by Calder.  Wow.

It was a lovely last day of the tour.  We had our farewell dinner that night, and then onward, via train, to visit our friends Craig and Steven in Bologna. They asked us what we wanted to do and we said, “Nothing!  Just hang out with you and see what your daily lives are like.”  Which is what we did, as you shall see.

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