June 24, 2015

Ferns in the Sky
Ferns in the Sky

Well, not really.  A jacaranda tree.  I love that name.  Have I included it before?  If so, it was probably for its vivid purple blossoms.  I had heard the name before moving here,  but it was in the fuzzy-vague-sorta-memory part of my brain and I had no idea it matched these spectacular trees.

I’m seeing a lot of intense chartreuse along with purple and sky-blue these days.  I like it.  I even bought a chartreuse-y (or is it more like lime?) green jacket today.  It’s marvelous with black as well as blue and purple!

6 thoughts on “June 24, 2015”

  1. Very abundant in Balboa Park as I recall. At Girl Scout day camp we used to make name tags out of their seed pods. A very fond memory indeed. But not until I grew up and leave SoCal did I finally begin to notice the beautiful blossoms!

    1. I think they’re possibly all over Seaport Village and even downtown now! The first spring we were here, I had to ask someone what they were. So lovely!

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