June 25, 2016

Breakfast Downstairs
Breakfast Downstairs

The pastry was warm and crispy and soft and tasty.  The cappuccino was strong and just the right sweetness.  The price was half what it would be here, but that might have something to do with Craig’s winning ways; he had clearly made friends in every restaurant we tried.  And it seems that friendliness in Italy is important.

We went to a small grocer and bought fruit, which we ate when we woke up.  Then, at just after 11 am, we went downstairs from the lovely three-bedroom, two-bath apartment our hosts shared with us, walked about ten feet,  and had this little treat.  That way, we could have lunch around 1:30 or 2, and dinner at a more civilized time, like 8.  With perhaps some gelato around 4 or 5.  So if you have smallish meals about three hours apart, you get to sample more  kinds of Italian food!

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